What are silencers?

A jammer is a device that may be needed at any enterprise, like a military facility or a theater.  Therefore, today we will talk about this in more detail.

Almost everyone knows what a jammer is and why it is needed. But not everyone knows what they are and their characteristics. Therefore, now we will consider cell phone signal jammer.

Types of signal jammers Depending on the dimensions and purpose, there are 3 types of mobile communication jammers:

* Stationary;
 * Portable;
* Silencers-covers.

Let's take a closer look at each type and the situations when it can be applied.


Stationary cell jammers are large models that have serious power and operate over a large radius. Typically, such devices have at least 10 antennas.

These devices are used on a professional scale, most often around the clock. Large enterprises purchase them for meetings, schools and universities - for honest exams, hospitals - for the correct operation of devices, temples and places of entertainment - to maintain silence in the walls of the building.

Stationary models are installed in subways.


Portable mobile jammers are also known as GSM Jammers. These are portable options that can easily fit in a bag and even in a pocket.

They are designed for a short range and are powered by a built-in battery. The charge is enough for several hours of work - usually no more than 12 hours.

Such silencers are used in negotiations, the information of which must remain classified, at conferences, at various events held in small rooms. They can be used on tests or tests.

Portable devices are often disguised as harmless things. For example, you can find models in the form of a pack of cigarettes, a wallet or a purse. Such devices help to locally jam the signal of not only cellular communications, but also the use of other communications used for data transmission, including listening devices.


Silencers in the form of smartphone cases are produced in order to hide the location of the device from any maps.

It is impossible to detect the geolocation of a person using such a cover.

Cases can be used without restrictions and special permissions, provided that it is your own gadget or you have received permission from the owner.

In devices of this type, there are several departments: one blocks communication, and the other protects against harmful radiation.

Which device to choose is up to you. After all, a lot depends on the enterprise where you plan to place it, as well as other factors. Therefore, clearly define what and where you need such a device.